Tory unease with Cameron increases

Posted: April 22, 2013 in Politics

“…… a sense that he isn’t the heir to Thatcher still haunts the
Conservatives: a poll of party members this weekend has found that a third
of them see him as the heir to Tony Blair – a title which he once claimed
for himself.” (A quote from Paul Goodman – Sunday Telegraph,  21/4/13).

Anyone who defines themselves in terms of other people is no leader. This country needs someone with vision and a sense of destiny coupled with the determination to follow it through. People will rally round and support this person.

UKIP are rallying these people.
The Tories are now attacking these same people but offer nothing.
Labour have just stated they will “out spend” the Tories, they’ve learned nothing.
The Lib Dems are anti democratic, as demonstrated by scuppering plans for the equalisation of boundaries. This from the party that squealed about PR for fairness, not heard about that for while have we?

So, who will you vote for?


Something that’s troubling me at the moment is this:
Some months ago it was reported that a number of Tory MP’s were considering defecting to UKIP. Initially I was heartened by this. It didn’t happen. I now think they are waiting to see how we do on May 2nd. If it happens then, they will be seen as opportunists trying to save their own skins. I for one do not want them.

I will welcome any that defect before the elections. I’ll despise any that do it after.

UKIP working with Labour?

Posted: April 7, 2013 in Politics

Nigel Farage has said that he see’s no problem with working with Labour. It seems to have ruffled a few UKIP feathers. So for what it’s worth, here is my view:-

UKIP do not have to work formally with Labour or anyone else. We just need to have the capacity to veto any initiative that is not in the country’s interest. The Lib Dems have shown they can be “King Makers”, UKIP can do the same without compromising our independence. It is highly likely that the 2015 election will produce another hung parliament. UKIP’s influence will be seen sooner than the established parties think.

UKIP have to be seen to be different, this is crucial.

“….”She added the Tory group was happy to meet concerned people away from a public meeting – which she argued had been arranged by Labour to score “political points”.

And this is the trouble with the way politics is currently run. The Council is there to serve the community that elected it. Playing politics with peoples lives is immoral.
There is an election on May 2nd, make sure your voice is heard.


The International Aid budget is coming more and more into focus. It used to be seen as an unarguable force for good. But now, the more questions that are asked, the fewer answers there seems to be. Whilst it is still difficult to make the charge of it being more like an “International Slush Fund”, it is equally true that a defence against such an accusation is becoming equally difficult.

Media pieces like this :  are making taxpayers increasingly uncomfortable.

Rather than give our money to “poor” countries who appear to have corrupt regimes, I think better way to help is this.

Let the International Development Office identify projects in target countries and then contract UK firms to design and build them. The cost would be met from the aid budget. The companies involved then have the opportunity to set up an overseas project team. Vacancies would then be produced to cover the secondments thus helping our employment situation.

The project team could then recruit a local workforce and train up the more able into technical operators, thus helping their employment situation.

The funds would not find their way into unauthorised bank accounts and the need for “consultants” would be minimised. Any regime that required a “Facilitating payment” would forfeit the project.

So, what do you think? Is it broken? Does anyone care?

For what it’s worth, I don’t think it’s broken, but it’s definitely malfunctioning. In my opinion the reason is that for 30ish years, at every election, I’ve heard the plaintive cry, “It doesn’t matter who you vote for, nothing ever changes”, so people don’t even bother to vote. The turn out falls and leaves the field wide open to those with a fairly serious political interest.

The three main parties use private polling and focus groups to determine, (and attempt to lead) public opinion. Consequently, we get three colliding policy groups, there’s little to choose between them. So, whoever gets in has roughly the same agenda as the others, there is little perceptible change.

Vote for the same old stuff, get the same old stuff.

Confidence needs to be restored in the system. People need to feel they can vote for what they actually believe in rather than tactically or tribally. You end up supporting policies you don’t agree with.

It is UKIP’s intention to bring about a change to this state of affairs; common sense is the driving force. As a new party on the scene UKIP are untainted by the shenanigans of recent years, we are made up of ordinary people with ordinary lives who have had our fill of waiting for things to improve. UKIP are voicing the concerns of the electorate which is why there has been a rapid rise in our support. The name calling of the past has been seen to be vindictive slander and the public now see this. Having UKIP candidates in most seats now threatens the status quo of the main parties. We are now seeing a shift in other party’s policies to head off the UKIP threat. Is it too late? Will this shift be seen as reactionary and without any conscience?

I hope those who have got this far and have previously been unconvinced by UKIP’s aims will give us the benefit of the doubt and turn out to vote for us.

An alternative which no main stream party will advertise is this:-

Be sure you turn out to vote, but if you really are unhappy with what’s on offer, then spoil your paper. Sounds odd I know, but it records your participation in the election, i.e. it adds to the turn out figure, and spoiled papers are counted. It’s a positive abstention. You have taken part.

Staying at home says you can’t be bothered, you’re apathetic. Don’t let that happen.

As for the second part, “Does anyone care”? Well, that’s for you to answer.

Solutions to dog mess

Posted: March 10, 2013 in Politics
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This is a topic that has cropped up a few times recently:

The government has recently announced that all dogs must be micro-chipped from April 2016. Whilst this is a positive move, I would go further. I favour DNA profiling as well. This would enable local authorities to take DNA samples from dog waste and trace the owner. There is already provision for prosecuting owners who do not clean up after their animal. Without DNA evidence this is virtually impossible to prove. The fine imposed would then be used to fund the lab testing.

Obviously, this is still not a fool proof solution, but difficulty is no excuse for inaction. Many people think they have solutions to common problems only to be told by officialdom that it’s, too expensive, impractical, simplistic, etc etc.

It’s bad enough that we come across dog mess in the street, but how much worse is it when you see it collected in a bag and the bag itself is discarded? The owner knows full well they should clean up, but then can’t be bothered to deal with it responsibly.

Here’s an interesting web site, it has a couple of novel solutions.

Lets work together and clean up.

Edit – It seems someone else has had the same idea, Daily Telegraph 22/03/2013

A country run by idiots

Posted: March 1, 2013 in Politics

So there we have it. The Eastleigh by-election has shown just how out of touch the 3 main parties are with the ordinary people of this country. The calibre of those in charge beggars belief.

You know you live in a country run by idiots when you can be thrown in jail if the idiots don’t like what you say.

You know you live in a country run by idiots when patients die in hospital for want of basic medical care or die for want of food and water, and nobody takes the blame.

You know you live in a country run by idiots when the inane David Cameron’s government proposes to allow men to marry other men and thereby destroy the traditions contained in thousands of years of history.

You know you live in a country run by idiots when the British people are destroyed not by war or famine but by their own politicians importing millions of foreigners against the wishes of the settled population, and giving your country away to them, and all at your expense of course.

You know you live in a country run by idiots when the main plank of energy policy relies on medieval technology which itself is uneconomic without taxpayer subsidy, (climate change levy), thus pricing electricity out of reach of the consumer.

Are you a Ukipper

Posted: February 2, 2013 in Politics
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Why do people think Ukippers are bonkers?

This piece was prompted by comments recently made in the Sunday/Daily Telegraph. I offered a challenge to explain what the basis for this was. No reply was the answer. However, I did give the idea further thought.

My conclusion is that Ukippers are ordinary people who have had enough of stage managed politics full of patronising cliché.

Proper debate has been stifled by political correctness which has gone unchallenged. The consequence of this is that anyone who espouses robust views get labeled “phobic”.

Therefore, as far as Ukippers are concerned, for “Bonkers” read outspoken.
This country, so far as I’m aware, still supports free speech, but it’s getting less free. It needs to be reclaimed.

It’s not just the EU that animates us, the “Gay marriage” issue is also prompting strong views. Education is another area of contention.
How many people have been intimidated into silence?