About David Gunn

My wife, Marilyn and I, were both born & bred in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, where our parents and siblings still live.

After leaving Alderman Smith High School, I joined J&J Cash, (of name tag fame), to serve an apprenticeship to become a maintenance electrician.

From there, I went to the BHS warehouse in Atherstone shortly after it opened.

Later I moved on to Fielding & Johnson, (textile mill, Attleborough Rd, Nuneaton), where my grandfather once worked. This closed down in the early 80’s.

Eventually, we found ourselves in Ashby-de-la-Zouch where I worked for McVities.

In January 2003, we moved to Cornwall.I went to work on an environmental project set up by the Environment Agency, (treating contaminated minewater from an old tin mine). A video I made on this project can be seen here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqkBSJPwEC4

My political ambitions then waned for a while. However, during this time I became aware that the online version of the Daily Telegraph allowed readers to comment on stories it published. I made full use of this facility to have my say. I still do.

We returned to the area, (Linton, South Derbyshire), in April 2012 due to family commitments.

Being a member of UKIP is not about being xenophobic or anti-European. Europe has been our destination of choice for holidays for much of the last 30 years. Indeed, we owned a house in Ambrières-les-Vallées, Mayenne in France for nearly 9 years from 1990.

It’s the EU and all its works that I’m unhappy with.

My first ballot was cast for the Liberal Party in the 1970 General Election. I was deluded enough to believe that this party was a halfway house between the Conservatives and Labour. Even then I was aware of the yah boo conflicts in parliament and thought a middle way was the way to go. It didn’t take long to learn the error of my ways.

Since that time, I always voted Conservative, but as the European Union morphed from one horror to the next I became more and more concerned for the future of our country.

Now, I don’t mind delegating my authority to others to act on my behalf to allow me to get on with the rest of my life, but taking that delegation for granted is just not on. Calls for a referendum became more numerous but were ignored by all administrations. The final straw for me as regards my support for the Tories was John Major’s “victory” at Maastricht. In like a lion out like a lamb.

Clutching a piece of paper headed “Subsidiarity”, he looked like Neville Chamberlain. The country felt betrayed. I never voted for them again.

This is the point where I felt I should do something but hadn’t a clue what. With the approach of the 1997 General Election, I became aware of a certain Sir James Goldsmith. He’d formed a political party called the Referendum Party. So my first foray into politics was to sign up. I went to meetings and delivered leaflets. No one expected much to come from this, but I was doing something. As it turned out, the electorate were listening but too afraid to vote with their conscience, (it seems to be happening again).

By 2000, I was seeing media articles from and about The United Kingdom Independence Party. They were determined to prevent us joining the Euro. This was where I ended up. The Referendum Party were no more than a single issue pressure group, and although UKIP were not much different at this time, they had ambitions to be more than that.

So, I threw in my lot with UKIP and in 2001 I was Election Agent for our candidate in NW Leicestershire, Bill Nattrass , Mike’s dad.  We polled one of the highest UKIP votes in the country.

2012 was a landmark year for UKIP. Large numbers of people were listening to our song and liked what they heard. The shocking behaviour by Rotherham social services gave us the final push over the credibility line.

So, here we are. I would ask you to consider what it is that you value. Why have you so far voted the way you have. How many times have you heard the compliant “It doesn’t matter who you vote for, nothing changes”?

If you want change, vote for it. Vote for UKIP

  1. Ken Toone says:

    Where do you actually live now.

  2. Pam Johnson says:

    Enjoyed reading your profile David, and aIways ready to help out in anyway I can, see you at the next meeting.. Pam Johnson.

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