Dog Fouling

Posted: April 14, 2015 in Politics

Here’s a problem that is high on everyone’s gripe list, but at the same time, it appears to be an insoluble problem. There was a report recently in our local press of a man being fined £75 for not clearing up after his dog. This was only pursued after a neighbour had filmed the incident, it’s still a far cry from the threatened £500 that the warning signs promise. If people get found out, they must face the full penalty, otherwise, where’s the risk?


In 2016 all dogs will by law have to be chipped. Here is an opportunity to take DNA samples from each dog and record it against the chip data. The next step is to invest in dog wardens who can respond to complaints about dog fouling and (initially at least) clean up the mess but also take a DNA sample from it. Match the poo to the chip and prosecute the owner. A hefty fine would then fund the dog wardens. Notices on lamp posts aren’t doing the job, this issue needs to be policed, and my suggestion is a starting point for discussion.

Since I posted this, it has been reported that Daventry District Council are trying something else:-

Personally, I don’t think this will work. Near where I live there is a popular walk around a small lake which used to have bins for dog mess, they were barely used so were taken away to try to force people to take their dogs doings home. It didn’t work. Some people are bagging poo, but then leave the bags were the bins used to be or they’ll hang them on the branches of bushes waiting for the “Poo Fairy”, she hasn’t shown up yet.

A radical solution is required – lets have some ideas.


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