Referendum – why wait?

Posted: June 25, 2014 in Politics

David Cameron has now been presented with the EU manifesto for the next 5 years. There is no mention of renegotiation of terms for UK membership. Indeed, the Polish Foreign Minister has used some fairly blunt language to rubbish both Cameron’s aims and methods. On top of this, the process of appointing a new Commission President is exercising his intellect to the limit. He is desperate to avoid Jean-Claude Juncker getting the post, as he knows he won’t be able to keep the lid on the EU’s ambition to create a Federal European State, and is passionate about it.

For Cameron, having fought tooth and nail to avoid an “in/out” referendum, he’s now being quoted as saying Juncker’s appointment could signal the exit for the UK. It sounds like a tantrum to me, as I can’t believe he’s changed his position after all this time. The people of the United Kingdom deserve to be consulted over the way forward and just what kind of relationship we have with the EU.

The Lib Dems are almost honourable in sticking to their position of “the party of IN”, even though it isn’t popular. I say almost because they are cracking on the referendum issue.

Both Labour & Tory’s are also “Parties of IN”, but are prepared to shift their positions to get elected, when, they’ll feel safe to resume normal service, i.e. trample all over us. As an aside here, Tony Blair recently “advised” Ed Miliband not to offer a referendum, his reason? It will only confuse our supporters!
How patronising, how insulting, how contemptuous.

UKIP have always pushed for a referendum, we are long overdue for a review of our relationship with the EU. If we are to become a mere province in some new Superstate, we should be asked, and what would successive generations think of our decision? The sovereignty of a nation lies with its people not its government. It is for us to say how we engage with the rest of the world.
Of course, we may not win it, but the people will have been consulted.

A word of warning though, if the UK votes to stay in, the journey to full Federalism will pick up speed and we will be bounced into the Euro. QMV, (the end of national veto’s), kicks in on 1st Nov, and then the fun will really start.

So whether you believe we should be in or out, it would be bizarre to oppose a referendum, let’s get this matter settled one way or the other. There’s no justifiable reason to delay now.


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