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Contemptuous Lords pt2

Posted: January 27, 2014 in Politics

So, after a days wrangling, two amendments to the Referendum Bill have been passed.

The first regarding the phrasing of the question should be an issue to be discussed after the Bill passes, ( the problem here is, how the answer will be interpreted).
The second regarding the impact assessment, is the reddest herring I’ve ever seen. The facts of this will be determined on the prejudice of those conducting it and who at the same time will be on an extremely short leash.

The only consideration for the referendum is, do we the people want an independent United Kingdom or do we want to be part of a Federal European Union complete with Euro membership? Keep focused on this.

An exit will not be without its problems but freedom has to be fought for and then defended. Too many people have forgotten that.Vote UKIP at every

opportunity to keep the pressure on, no one will listen unless they’re under threat.


Lords democratic deficit

Posted: January 26, 2014 in Politics

It would seem that Labour Peers are doing their party’s dirty work by sabotaging the EU referendum bill by introducing scores of frivolous amendments whose sole purpose is to “talk it out”. The issue of the UK’s relationship with the European Union needs to be settled once and for all. So why is the unelected House of Lords determined to deny us a say in our future?

All three LibLabCon leaders are against withdrawing from the EU, yet none of them have ever had a vote on membership. Indeed, anyone under 58 has never been asked. Bit by bit, the last 40 years has seen the sovereignty of this country eroded with barely a murmur. The EU of today is a far cry from what we joined, (and don’t forget, we didn’t vote to join but to stay in. It took 2 years of rebellion to get that referendum). Far too few people in this country pay attention as to how they are governed, only now, with the tsunami of immigration that’s been hitting us in the last ten years are they taking notice, and sadly, this is the wrong reason. It must be an un-nerving time for those already established.

The issue is, who governs us?

We no longer have sole control over our law making; the people we vote into Westminster are having less and less to do save for rubber stamping diktats from the EU, and much of that from the unelected commission.

Neither Viviane Reding, (commissioner for Justice) nor Manuel Barosso, (President of the European Commission) make no secret of where this gargantuan bureaucracy is going – a fully fledged Federal State. This in turn would render National Governments to the level of “local authorities”. If a referendum ever did come to pass, it’s already looking like a vote to stay in would be a vote to join the Euro. There would be no second referendum on that, so it’s important we get this right, and make no mistake, it’s going to be a tough call.

So, which will it be – Federalism or Independence?