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An Independent Scotland

Posted: November 26, 2013 in Politics

The Scottish independence referendum is in 2014, but if there is a vote for Scotland to leave the Union the country will still not become fully independent until 2016.

Will people in Scotland be allowed to vote in the 2015 UK general election? If so, then will all Scottish MPs and members of the House of Lords be kicked out of Westminster the day Scotland gets its full independence?

This takes the “West Lothian” question to a whole new level. Originally, that question posed the anomaly that Scottish MP’s being able to vote in Westminster on topics only relevant to England only. So, will members of one country’s parliament be able to pass laws in another? My guess is that the Scottish MP;s will have to leave, but in the meantime, they will have affected the outcome and shape of the Westminster assembly which shortly after will not be representative. Since the sitting government will then most likely be in the minority, we can expect a second General election within 2 years.

Judging by today’s reaction to Alex Salmonds white paper, this is likely to remain just a theory.


January 1st is almost upon us.

So, how many people are still unaware of the significance of this date?

It’s when a second wave of East Europeans gain unfettered access to the UK along with rights to claim a National Insurance number entitling them to the full benefits of the NHS, unemployment payments, family allowance and social housing. This last point shines a light on the reason behind the so called “Bedroom Tax”. It’s to make room for these extra “EU citizens”.

EU citizens? – see here:

It’s worth remembering that when the first wave of immigrants were allowed in, (January 2004), the government of the day tried to calm concern by claiming “only about 13,000/ annum, would come”. Last week, Jack Straw, who was Home Secretary at the time, regretted Labour’s decision not to impose temporary restrictions to control the flow which is what all but 3 of the other EU states did. Mr. Straw acknowledges that about 1 million people actually arrived. No wonder our welfare state is groaning. It’s having to cope with a massive increase in its burden from those who have made no contributions to it yet are able to claim full benefits from it. Is that fair?

It’s about to happen again, but anyone who complains about it are automatically branded a racist. Is it racism to be concerned for the future of our country? The accusation is purely to close down any argument because those responsible have no answer.

Sure, Britons have the right to go to Poland, Lithuania, and soon Romania and Bulgaria to find work; do you know anyone who’s done it? No, me neither.

UKIP’s opponents like to portray us as a “single issue pressure group”, always banging on about Europe. Whilst in the beginning, that was true, it’s been some time since it is not. The main thrust of this letter is to show how the EU really is dominating our everyday lives.

UKIP are rapidly becoming the Party of the People. Support us, join us, someone has to stop this madness.