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So close but no cigar

Posted: May 4, 2013 in Politics

On a personal note, I didn’t quite make it, but as a party result, it was brilliant.

David Anthony Gunn (UKIP) – 738
Lorraine Karen Johnson (Liberal Democrat) – 162
Charles Jones (Conservative) – 845
Mike Lacey (Independent) – 311
Kath Lauro (Labour) – 985

One of the most striking things about this campaign was the number of Labour supporters that came out for us. several press reports are now commenting on this.

Those of us on the ground campaigning picked up on this some time ago, and it’s encouraging that former Labour supporters are beginning to think for themselves. It’s this that will change modern politics.
Non of the main parties now has a “Natural base”. Everyone is starting to focus on the issues rather than tribe or personality.

UKIP are making hay just now because the LibLabCon are still “Off message” with regard to the electorate. We won’t always have it our way, but during this transitional time we should gain enough experience to play in the Premiership.

I speak as one of the casualties left on the beach on Thursday, but as a force, UKIP now has a bridgehead. Others will follow, we cannot now be ignored, the gratuitous insults worked in our favour this time, but beware.

Well done to all our successful candidates.