Tory unease with Cameron increases

Posted: April 22, 2013 in Politics

“…… a sense that he isn’t the heir to Thatcher still haunts the
Conservatives: a poll of party members this weekend has found that a third
of them see him as the heir to Tony Blair – a title which he once claimed
for himself.” (A quote from Paul Goodman – Sunday Telegraph,  21/4/13).

Anyone who defines themselves in terms of other people is no leader. This country needs someone with vision and a sense of destiny coupled with the determination to follow it through. People will rally round and support this person.

UKIP are rallying these people.
The Tories are now attacking these same people but offer nothing.
Labour have just stated they will “out spend” the Tories, they’ve learned nothing.
The Lib Dems are anti democratic, as demonstrated by scuppering plans for the equalisation of boundaries. This from the party that squealed about PR for fairness, not heard about that for while have we?

So, who will you vote for?


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