Overseas Aid

Posted: March 24, 2013 in Politics
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The International Aid budget is coming more and more into focus. It used to be seen as an unarguable force for good. But now, the more questions that are asked, the fewer answers there seems to be. Whilst it is still difficult to make the charge of it being more like an “International Slush Fund”, it is equally true that a defence against such an accusation is becoming equally difficult.

Media pieces like this :  http://versecator.blog.co.uk/2013/02/21/the-confusing-international-aid-budget-15553672/  are making taxpayers increasingly uncomfortable.

Rather than give our money to “poor” countries who appear to have corrupt regimes, I think better way to help is this.

Let the International Development Office identify projects in target countries and then contract UK firms to design and build them. The cost would be met from the aid budget. The companies involved then have the opportunity to set up an overseas project team. Vacancies would then be produced to cover the secondments thus helping our employment situation.

The project team could then recruit a local workforce and train up the more able into technical operators, thus helping their employment situation.

The funds would not find their way into unauthorised bank accounts and the need for “consultants” would be minimised. Any regime that required a “Facilitating payment” would forfeit the project.


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