Is our democratic process broken?

Posted: March 13, 2013 in Politics
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So, what do you think? Is it broken? Does anyone care?

For what it’s worth, I don’t think it’s broken, but it’s definitely malfunctioning. In my opinion the reason is that for 30ish years, at every election, I’ve heard the plaintive cry, “It doesn’t matter who you vote for, nothing ever changes”, so people don’t even bother to vote. The turn out falls and leaves the field wide open to those with a fairly serious political interest.

The three main parties use private polling and focus groups to determine, (and attempt to lead) public opinion. Consequently, we get three colliding policy groups, there’s little to choose between them. So, whoever gets in has roughly the same agenda as the others, there is little perceptible change.

Vote for the same old stuff, get the same old stuff.

Confidence needs to be restored in the system. People need to feel they can vote for what they actually believe in rather than tactically or tribally. You end up supporting policies you don’t agree with.

It is UKIP’s intention to bring about a change to this state of affairs; common sense is the driving force. As a new party on the scene UKIP are untainted by the shenanigans of recent years, we are made up of ordinary people with ordinary lives who have had our fill of waiting for things to improve. UKIP are voicing the concerns of the electorate which is why there has been a rapid rise in our support. The name calling of the past has been seen to be vindictive slander and the public now see this. Having UKIP candidates in most seats now threatens the status quo of the main parties. We are now seeing a shift in other party’s policies to head off the UKIP threat. Is it too late? Will this shift be seen as reactionary and without any conscience?

I hope those who have got this far and have previously been unconvinced by UKIP’s aims will give us the benefit of the doubt and turn out to vote for us.

An alternative which no main stream party will advertise is this:-

Be sure you turn out to vote, but if you really are unhappy with what’s on offer, then spoil your paper. Sounds odd I know, but it records your participation in the election, i.e. it adds to the turn out figure, and spoiled papers are counted. It’s a positive abstention. You have taken part.

Staying at home says you can’t be bothered, you’re apathetic. Don’t let that happen.

As for the second part, “Does anyone care”? Well, that’s for you to answer.


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