Solutions to dog mess

Posted: March 10, 2013 in Politics
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This is a topic that has cropped up a few times recently:

The government has recently announced that all dogs must be micro-chipped from April 2016. Whilst this is a positive move, I would go further. I favour DNA profiling as well. This would enable local authorities to take DNA samples from dog waste and trace the owner. There is already provision for prosecuting owners who do not clean up after their animal. Without DNA evidence this is virtually impossible to prove. The fine imposed would then be used to fund the lab testing.

Obviously, this is still not a fool proof solution, but difficulty is no excuse for inaction. Many people think they have solutions to common problems only to be told by officialdom that it’s, too expensive, impractical, simplistic, etc etc.

It’s bad enough that we come across dog mess in the street, but how much worse is it when you see it collected in a bag and the bag itself is discarded? The owner knows full well they should clean up, but then can’t be bothered to deal with it responsibly.

Here’s an interesting web site, it has a couple of novel solutions.

Lets work together and clean up.

Edit – It seems someone else has had the same idea, Daily Telegraph 22/03/2013


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