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Are you a Ukipper

Posted: February 2, 2013 in Politics
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Why do people think Ukippers are bonkers?

This piece was prompted by comments recently made in the Sunday/Daily Telegraph. I offered a challenge to explain what the basis for this was. No reply was the answer. However, I did give the idea further thought.

My conclusion is that Ukippers are ordinary people who have had enough of stage managed politics full of patronising cliché.

Proper debate has been stifled by political correctness which has gone unchallenged. The consequence of this is that anyone who espouses robust views get labeled “phobic”.

Therefore, as far as Ukippers are concerned, for “Bonkers” read outspoken.
This country, so far as I’m aware, still supports free speech, but it’s getting less free. It needs to be reclaimed.

It’s not just the EU that animates us, the “Gay marriage” issue is also prompting strong views. Education is another area of contention.
How many people have been intimidated into silence?